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Looking for profiles with character

Looking for profiles with character

The ultimate test...

"Beyond any doubt, professional and direct contact is the ultimate test, and really does separate the wheat from the chaff"
(Eugene Rembor, Journalist and Publisher)

For us Executive Search includes a systematic search and professional selection of executive or managing staff by investigating nationally and internationally. We define it as one of the essentials of our services.

Each new mandate is started with an information project, concerning the structure of our client´s business environment.

Our profound acquirements of different trades and markets will benefit our clients. Based on these experiences we realize objective targets and structures of business competition as well as the organisation of our client. Having analyzed the matter thoroughly we are able to concentrate our energy on those particular problems that are to be solved by a successful staffing.

In order to reach qualified personnel we try to cover the complete spectrum of possible candidates. Thus we start our search.

Our research departments will compile all necessary information concerning target companies or people. These investigations are supported by our numerous connections to different organizations in a great number of fields.

After reconciliating the profiles concerning demand and applicants (done in telephone interviews) we will evaluate the candidates aptitude in personal interviews mainly under personal and technical aspects.

Finally we present a written selection of candidates to our client. These papers are worked out as an assistance that help our clients to prepare personal interviews for themselves. It is quite natural that the BOLDEN-consultant assists our client in these interviews.