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Looking for profiles with character

Looking for profiles with character

Our Standard

"This special advert aroused my attention - it made me apply for the job..."
(Comment of an applicant)

Want-Ads in big newspapers or other target-group orientated media have always been one of the most successful instruments when searching for competent staff.

The most important feature of an advert is the effect it produces when being read. This effect is caused by a professional concept BOLDEN International realizes perfectly in each advert.

Successful adverts must be well-designed. Have a look at ours. Their unique appearance makes people not only notice them but memorize them - find the little difference.

Impressive texts are the "meat and potatoes" of effective adverts. We take great efforts in presenting any information in a modern and convincing language - always meeting the needs of that particular group we want to adress. We process the message before we present it !

So adverts made by BOLDEN are always individually designed.

There is one more thing good adverts should never forget: motivating people to apply. This special motivation is always the basis of each of our advertising concepts. There are various degrees of motivation we put into our adverts - it´s depending on the group we are adressing.

These strategies have proved to be very fruitful and always resulted in a number of applications of superior quality.