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Looking for profiles with character

Looking for profiles with character

"Talents are often similar - the differences lie in assiduity and personality."
(T. Fontane)

We know from experience that there can be many ways of recruiting staff. In most cases the number of ways corresponds to the number of faces of the people we are looking for.

BOLDEN International knows perfectly well that the method of proceeding is always dependent on each individual case or project. For this reason we and our client decide in concertated action which ways and steps are to be taken in order to reach the best result.

The search itself follows precisely designed and clearly defined methods which have been optimized permanently throughout the recent years. These methods are mainly formed by compliance with our ethnic code of conduct each BOLDEN-consultant will be glad to inform you about in detail.

Each BOLDEN-consultant is directly responsible for his/her project towards the client. Permanent contact and immediate exchange of information are the conditions to guarantee a professional and successful handling of the mandate.

After the first selection - done by interviews - we work out a confidential report for each applicant seeming suitable. The most important guideline of this assessment is - apart from formal qualification - the question whether the candidate will fit into the company and its environment. Our assessments are always based on carefully investigated information.

Our job is not finished when an appropriate candidate has been found! We assist our clients in the complete process of appointment which finishes with a successful integration of the new member of staff.

After a mandate has been finished successfully BOLDEN will check the compliance with the guidelines of quality. A regular check of these guidelines gurantees a high standard of quality over a long period of time.